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The ultimate luxurious manicures, customized just for you at Polish, our in-house nail spa.

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About Our Manicure Services

With our expert services, manicures don’t have to be a messy, at-home job. Our manicurists are skilled at getting you the nails you want, while prioritizing your total comfort and relaxation. Relaxing is easy in our calm, spa setting, so kick back and enjoy yourself while we make your nails as gorgeous as can be!

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Treat Yourself to a Manicure

After you’ve chosen your manicure and nail color from our extensive selection, you can sit back and relax. We begin by gently prepping your nailbeds to ensure your natural nails remain healthy and preserved. After we’ve finished getting your nails ready, perfect polish applications and naturally stunning cuticles are yours in a little less than an hour!

Self Love Manicure

50 minutes $50
Indulge in a little self love with our luxurious Self Love Manicure! This natural nail treatment is designed to nourish your dry skin and cuticles, leaving your hands looking and feeling their best. Enjoy the added touch of warm towels, moisturizing masque, and an indulgent soothing massage. Complete the experience with your favorite CND Vinylux polish color offering up to 10 days of shine. Don’t miss out on this nail-tastic experience.

Self Care Manicure

40 minutes $40
Treat yourself to our Self Care Manicure! This natural nail treatment features essential grooming and massage leaving your hands feeling smooth and relaxed. Top it off with a natural shine or your favorite CND Vinylux polish color, and this manicure will keep you happy for up to 10 days.

Shellac™ Manicure

50 minutes $65
Experience long-lasting, fabulous nails with our amazing CND Shellac Manicure! The high level of lacquer in Shellac means there is zero damage to natural nails, while still getting a hard, high gloss finish that resists pesky chips, nicks, and smudges for up to 14 days. This game-changing nail treatment will keep your nails on point and looking fabulous

Hard Gel Manicure

80 minutes $90
Say hello to our Hard Gel Manicure – utilizing Light Elegance Gel, the ultimate secret weapon for unbeatable nail strength and growth! Step into a world where your nails stay flawless for up to 4 weeks. Choose from an array of stunning Light Elegance hues or popular CND Shellac favorites. Whether you’re into subtle elegance or vibrant statements, our range has got you covered. Get ready to flaunt nails that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Baby Love Manicure (ages 5-10)

20 minutes $35
Spoil your little ones with our amazing Baby Love Manicure – especially designed for kids aged 5-10! Treat your kiddos to a luxurious spa experience leaving them with soft, cleaned-up fingers and a rainbow of CND Vinylux colors to choose from. They’ll feel like royalty and leave with lovely little fingers.

Enhance Your Manicure Treatment

If you’re looking to get even more out of your spa day, we also offer enhancement options for each of our manicure treatments. Treat yourself to the fullest with our selection of add-ons — after all, you deserve it!

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Pedicure Services Near Me in Longmont, CO

Stop by Sunflower Spa for a pedicure like no other in Longmont! Our talented technicians aren’t just polish aficionados – they know how to get your feet ready for any occasion, so you’ll never have to worry about cracked heels or broken pinky nails ever again!