Body Treatments in Longmont, CO

Pamper your mind, body, and spirit with our selection of revitalizing body treatments at Sunflower Spa. Our estheticians excel at beautifying your skin in a welcoming environment to bring you results you’ll truly love.

Body treatment services at Sunflower Spa

Body Treatment Services in Longmont

At Sunflower Spa, our master estheticians are ready to help you unwind with our incredible selection of luxurious body treatments! Prepare for your stress to melt away as you step into our warm, inviting atmosphere designed to help you get the relaxation you deserve. Our deluxe treatments help banish cellulite, encourage skin renewal, and treat you from top to toe for a rejuvenating experience that leaves you looking and feeling refreshed and renewed!

Detox, Rehydrate, Exfoliate and Rejuvenate with Our Body Treatment Services

Our selection of treatments can be used on their own or combined for a full-body experience that leaves you looking and feeling fabulous. No matter your relaxation needs, we’re here to nourish your skin and bring you self-care at its finest!

Woman receiving a body scrub at Sunflower Spa in Longmont, CO

Detoxify with Our Revitalizing Stone Crop Body Treatment

90 minutes

This invigorating full body treatment uses Eminence Organic Skincare®️’s Stone Crop facial to detoxify your skin. We begin with dry brushing and a revitalizing stone crop sugar scrub to improve blood circulation and exfoliate the skin. After rinsing off, we apply our restorative gel masque made with stone crop, aloe, and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate, and brighten your skin. Following another rinse, we’ll finish with a gentle massage application of contouring cream designed to smooth and firm the skin.

Woman receiving a relaxing massage at Sunflower Spa in Longmont, CO

Rehydrate with Our Lush Hydrating Body Treatment

80 minutes

Our deeply hydrating and luxurious body treatment uses the power of invigorating aromatherapy to renew your mind and body. After selecting a scent from our SPARITUAL line — Earl Grey, Jasmine Tuberose or Geranium Cedarwood — we’ll apply an all-over velvety sugar scrub. After providing a full body wrap and a silky mud masque for deep hydration, we gently massage our luxe body crème into your skin for ongoing hydration, protection against environmental stress, and improved skin elasticity.

Woman receiving a full body spa mask at Sunflower Spa in Longmont, CO

Rejuvenate & Tone with Our Targeted Cellulite Treatment

30 minutes

Our regenerating and toning body wrap highlights the appearance of skin elasticity on your buttocks, stomach, or upper thighs. We begin the treatment by dry brushing the targeted area of your skin. Then, we apply Eminence Organic Skincare®️ paprika and a nettle leaf masque to help stimulate and energize your skin’s look for a healthy glow. Finally, we remove the masque with warm towels, and massage a firming Stone Crop Contouring Cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Woman receiving a relaxing scalp massage at Sunflower Spa in Longmont, CO

Nourish Your Head with Our Scalp Treatment & Massage

20 minutes

Elevate your scalp massage with a customized blend of doTerra®️ essential oils including rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, geranium, and lavender oils. We gently pour and massage oil into your scalp for a deeply relaxing experience that will leave you feeling soothed and enriched. We offer this treatment only in conjunction with any other massage or body treatment.

Make It a Spa Day!

While you’re already here for a relaxing body treatment, why not indulge in yourself and enjoy a total spa day? Our services can be seamlessly added on to your treatment or massage of choice, even on the day of your session. So, head over to our pricing page to see how our wide range of services can help you unwind while simultaneously beautifying your whole body!

Rejuvenate with Sunflower Spa

As Longmont’s premier destination for all things aesthetics, our experts at Sunflower Spa know how to transform your skin to have you looking and feeling your best. We know how important your skin is, and you can always trust us to treat it like silk. And don’t fret if you think typical spa treatments aren’t suitable for your needs. Our team has training in deep tissue work and other clinical modalities, making us a great choice for anyone recovering from an injury or seeking informed care!

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Body Treatments Near Me in Longmont, CO

Indulge in a luxurious total body experience at Sunflower Spa, with our selection of body treatments that help you look as amazing as you feel!