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World-Class Neurotoxin Treatment at Sunflower Spa

Neurotoxins are a type of injectable that work to prevent wrinkles caused by muscle movements while smoothing out present lines with their unique way of functioning once injected. Our expert injectors are excited to bring you exceptional treatment with neurotoxins that meet your goals and work seamlessly with your features.

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BOTOX® is the world-famous neurotoxin that started it all! It is highly effective at eradicating wrinkles and lines wherever you need, and it uses botulinum toxin in an advanced formula to eradicate dynamic wrinkles caused by motion in their tracks. Whether you want to subtly minimize crow’s feet or tackle moderate to severe glabellar lines, BOTOX® has you covered!

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XEOMIN® uses botulinum toxin in a highly purified formula free of additional proteins and agents found in other formulas. As a result, it is the purest form of botulinum toxin that can be injected and is perfect for patients with sensitive skin, allergies, or those who have not had success with other neurotoxins due to its naked nature.

woman looking at the mirror at Sunflower Spa Injectables and Medical Aesthetics
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Why Choose Sunflower Spa for Neurotoxin Injections?

You deserve world-class care that is tailored to your needs. At Sunflower Spa, you can always expect quality over quantity: we want you to be educated on the benefits and ensure that neurotoxins are right for you, with catered care that is as unique as your beauty. Our providers are dedicated to creating a positive, safe environment, allowing you to relax while we handle the details. Discover why Sunflower Spa is Longmont’s premier destination for neurotoxins and aesthetic treatments by scheduling your consultation today!

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