Medical Weight Loss
with Semaglutide in Longmont, CO

Have you ever struggled to lose weight, even when following a healthy diet and exercising regularly? If so, you’re in luck, because Sunflower Spa is Longmont’s first provider of the newest and easiest weight loss solution: semaglutide — an effective, weekly injection that goes beyond the appetite suppressants of yesteryear!

FDA Approved injectable for Weight Loss

What is Semaglutide?

FDA Approved Medical Weight Loss

Semaglutide is an FDA Approved injectable that’s typically used to help adults with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar. However, its effectiveness in also controlling hunger have led to its approval for non-diabetic patients in need of weight management and weight loss solutions, and it’s one of the most effective weight loss drugs available today. By mimicking a hormone naturally created by the body, it produces feelings of fullness, reducing your appetite. For patients with a higher BMI, semaglutide is a great choice as it promotes your body to use stored fat for energy, furthering your results.

Benefits of Semaglutide

  • Makes portion control effortless
  • Quick, near painless, once weekly injection
  • No unique diet necessary
  • Integrates seamlessly with a balanced diet and consistent exercise
  • Safe for long-term use
  • Treats obesity as a metabolic disease rather than an exercise in willpower
  • Helps you drop 15 to 20% of your bodyweight
The Benefits of Semaglutide

Join Our Metabolic Reset Membership

Take your weight loss to the next level with our metabolic reset membership. As a member, you’ll receive a weekly semaglutide injection and a monthly check-in appointment to evaluate your dosage and assess your progress. You’ll also get access to our Semaglutide Success and Strategies Facebook group where we post nutrition information, side effect management tips, recipes, and more. And to help support your weight loss journey, you’ll also receive a 15% discount on all our spa and medspa services. Ready to make your dream body a reality? Become a metabolic reset member for only $499 per month! Or, try our month-to-month option for $599 per month!

Am I a Candidate for Semaglutide?

If you’ve had difficulty losing weight in the past, semaglutide can help. We’ll work with you during your consultation to determine if semaglutide would be an effective option for you and your health goals. If you have a personal or family history of thyroid tumors, endocrine disease, or other health issues, please let us know so we can determine the best course of action for you.

How Does
Semaglutide Work?

Semaglutide targets multiple organs at once for an all-around approach to weight loss. It’s injected into the skin, and most patients find the procedure to be painless. To help determine the right dose size for you, we’ll start you off with a lower one, and if you find that semaglutide helps you lose weight, we’ll adjust your dose based on your progress. After we find your correct dose, semaglutide can be taken indefinitely.

How Fast Will I Lose Weight with Semaglutide?
How Long Do Results Last?

Semaglutide is a drug that’s taken over the long term, and it typically takes up to eight weeks or longer to see its full effects. As it’s only taken once a week, massive weight loss results can take several months, though some start noticing lower numbers on the scale in far less time than that. Maintaining your results with semaglutide is easy, as you only need to get one injection weekly, and unlike other weight loss drugs, there’s no harm in taking it indefinitely!


How does semaglutide work?

When we eat, our bodies have a natural “set-point” in which we start to feel full. Semaglutide mimics a hormone that’s naturally created by the body to create a new “set-point” that makes you feel full earlier, leading you to eat less. This metabolic reset results in weight loss that can typically range from one to two pounds per week. 

How does the program work?

We’ll schedule you for an appointment once per week for an injection that typically lasts 10-20 minutes. Our knowledgeable medical professionals will discuss your progress and adjust your dosage as needed throughout the first few appointments. Once your dosage is stable and you’re comfortable with your treatments, you can transition to giving yourself your semaglutide injections in the comfort of your own home. We’ll still have you come into the spa only once per month for a check-in, and participation in our Facebook support group is included and encouraged! 

How soon can I expect to see results?

In clinical studies, patients experienced an average weight loss of about 15% of their total body weight after six months. Individual results will vary as diet and exercise also have an impact on overall weight loss. 

Can I drink alcohol while I'm receiving this treatment?

It is ok to drink alcohol during the six-month program.

When I stop taking this medication, will I easily gain weight?

After ending your treatments, your appetite and feelings of fullness will return to what they were before you started taking semaglutide. Patients may begin to experience weight gain if they return to old patterns of diet and exercise. 

Do I need to modify my gym routine while taking semaglutide?

There are no exercise restrictions while taking the medication. 

What are the most common side effects?

Common side effects of semaglutide include nausea, dry mouth, constipation and diarrhea. Our semaglutide is compounded from a trusted pharmacy, and it includes BLP-157, which can help ease some of the most common gastrointestinal effects. We want you to be as comfortable as possible, so our knowledgeable medical professionals will discuss your progress and adjust your dosage as needed.

If I am not comfortable administering the injections myself, may I continue to come to the spa to receive it?

Of course! We’ll be happy to do your injections even after your dosage is stable.

Is there a point when I could plateau?

There is the possibility of your body becoming accustomed to the medication and potentially reaching a plateau. Adjustments to your dosage can be made as necessary throughout the six-month program if needed. 

Are there any medications that would prevent me from taking Semaglutide?

During your consultation, we’ll evaluate your medical history and medications to determine your candidacy for the program. 

If I do not reach my weight goal in the six-month plan, is it safe to continue taking the medication for a longer period of time?

Some patients may be able to continue using semaglutide beyond the initial six-month program on a case-by-case basis. Our physician’s assistant will evaluate determine if you can continue past the initial six-month period and will establish a recommended maintenance dose and frequency. 

Are there any medical conditions I could have that would prevent me from receiving semaglutide?

There are several conditions that are contraindicated for the medication. We’ll discuss your complete medical history during a consultation to determine your candidacy for semaglutide. 

What are the weight parameters to receive semaglutide?

We typically treat individuals with a BMI of 25-33, though BMI alone is not the only factor in determining your eligibility for the program. Our physician’s assistant will evaluate your medical history and medications to determine your eligibility for the program. 

How much will I have to modify my diet in order to see results?

Diet modification can enhance your results, and we highly recommended combining your treatments with lifestyle changes to improve the possibility of sustainable results. 

If I decide I want to stop taking semaglutide, can I back out of the membership?

Right now, we are only offering the treatment as part of our metabolic reset program and membership. Just like all our memberships, there is a six-month commitment. Once the six-month commitment is satisfied, memberships may be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice. 

Are there any side effects that would indicate that I should stop taking the medication?

To manage your side effects, adjustments to your dosage can be made during your scheduled injection or check-in appointments. If side effects warrant discontinuing medication, we can discuss an early membership cancellation. 

Is it safe to take postpartum?

We would recommend getting your doctor’s approval prior to starting treatment. 

What are the age limitations?

We offer semaglutide treatments to patients between the ages of 18 and 65. 

I am going on vacation in a couple months, will I be able to bring the injections with me?

If you’re comfortable self-injecting, we’d be more than happy to prepare your injections in advance for you to take on vacation. Please keep in mind that your injections must be kept refrigerated at all times.  

What happens if I miss an appointment? Do I have to skip a week?

We will reschedule your appointment as soon as possible. If more than three days have passed, it’s appropriate to wait until the next appointment with minimal disruption to the effectiveness of the medication. 

Where is the injection site, and could I experience injection site pain? If I do, is it okay to take a pain reliever?

Injection sites may vary based on individual. There is typically very little injection site pain, and Tylenol may be taken if needed.

Can I take Semaglutide if I am trying to get pregnant? What if I get pregnant while I'm taking it?

Pregnancy or planning to become pregnant is a contraindication for this medication. If you become pregnant during the program, we’ll discontinue treatment and cancel your membership. 

How do I know when I should stop taking the medication?

Once your goal weight has been achieved, we recommend transitioning down in dosage over time and then moving on to a monthly maintenance dose. 

Where is the weight loss coming from? Is it just fat? Will I also lose muscle tone?

Clinicals studies have shown that individuals who lose weight taking semaglutide lose more fat than muscle overall, averaging about three times the percentage of fat loss to muscle loss. 

Is heavy exercise dangerous when first beginning my injections?

We recommend avoiding heavy exercise until you understand how your body responds to semaglutide. 

When I begin my treatment, do I pay for it upfront? If I decide to stop, will I get money back?

We currently only offer semaglutide treatments as part of our metabolic reset program and membership. Membership costs are billed monthly. Once the six-month program ends, memberships may be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice.

Will any lab tests be required before I begin treatment?

If you have had any blood work completed in the last six months, please make arrangements to have those lab results sent to the spa. If you have not had any blood work completed, we will make arrangements for you to have an A1C and a metabolic panel completed prior to commencing treatment.

Trusting Sunflower Spa to Help You Shed Extra Pounds?

You can say bye-bye to old, dead weight when you choose Sunflower Spa for your medical weight loss! We’re proud to offer weight loss solutions that can compete with and replace highly invasive surgeries like gastric sleeves. As the first providers of semaglutide in Longmont, we’re committed to ensuring you not only have an enjoyable experience receiving your weekly jab, but that you achieve your goals for a happier and healthier you. Choosing Sunflower Spa means choosing a relaxing and highly tailored medical weight loss journey.

Semaglutide for Weight Loss
in Longmont, CO

As the first and only providers of semaglutide in Longmont, we’re proud to offer this service to help those in our community who are seeking a weight loss solution that’s both effective and safe. We want you to shine bright and love your body, and we’ll put your health at the forefront with semaglutide induced weigh loss!