HydraBody Treatments

Longmont, CO

Revitalize your body with the HydraFacial system’s newest innovation: HydraBody. Experience the acclaimed benefits of the world-renowned facial treatment, now reimagined for your entire body.
Woman getting an hydrabody treatment at Sunflower Spa

What are HydraBody Treatments?

HydraBody is a HydraFacial but for your body! This advanced service rejuvenates and revives skin wherever you desire, operating on customizable three-step system. The non-invasive treatment starts by cleansing and exfoliating the skin, before extracting dead cells, clogged pores, and other impurities. Then, we hydrate and protect your skin with special serums according to your needs. The end result: refreshed, hydrated, and healthier skin!

Benefits of hydrabody treatment for women at Sunflower Spa

What are the Benefits of
HydraBody Treatments?

HydraBody treatments target a range of issues, including skin laxity, sagging, wrinkles, lines, pigmentation, and other aging signs. Perfect for tackling acne and clogged pores, HydraBody helps you confidently show off your skin. It also improves skin texture, leaving you with a smooth, radiant complexion. We customize each treatment to meet your specific needs, ensuring your skin is nourished, content, and hydrated.

Benefits of hydrabody treatment for women at Sunflower Spa

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Radiance from Head to Toe

Experience timeless skincare with our innovative HydraBody treatment, building on the success of our renowned HydraFacial therapy.

HydraBody delivers deep exfoliation, lasting hydration, and targeted treatments to unveil consistently smooth, soft skin with improved tone and elasticity. It also supports ongoing collagen production and diminishes the signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. This all-encompassing skincare solution transcends facial care, providing a transformative experience for various areas of your body:

  • Booty
  • Arm

  • Back
  • Hand
  • Neck & Décolleté
  • Thigh
Radiant result after Hydrabody treatment at Sunflower Spa

HydraBody Services

Neck & Décolleté – 20 min.


Perfect for those clients who are missing the full HydraFacial that included the neck and décolleté.

Stomach Treatment – 30 min.


Intended to address skin laxity and wrinkles in the midsection area by adding deep hydration and encouraging collagen and elastin production.

Booty Treatment – 30 min.


Treats blemishes located on the buttocks and nourishes the skin while stimulating firming collagen and elastin production.

Back Treatment – 30 min.


Treats back blemishes and nourishes the skin while stimulating firming collagen and elastin.

Arms Treatment – 30 min.


Deeply exfoliates both the arms and hands while saturating the skin with necessary hydration.

Hands Treatments – 10 min.


Addresses signs of aging and discoloration on the hands while hydrating and softening wrinkles.

Half Legs Treatment – 30 min.


Deeply exfoliates half the legs while ensuring skin is hydrated.

Full Legs Treatment – 50 min.


Deeply exfoliates the legs while saturating the skin with hydration.
First price listed is the standalone price for any of our HydraBody treatments. The second pricing structure is when these treatments are added onto a full face HydraFacial service.

HydraBody in Longmont, CO

Give your body the care it deserves from head to toe with our innovative HydraBody services at Sunflower Spa in Longmont, CO!