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Skin Care Menu & Pricing

Our skin care menu has options to target concerns such as acne, aging, and sun damage. We can improve tone and radiance with
treatments like HydraFacial®, spa facials, VI Peel®, and more!

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HydraFacials at Sunflower Spa: Our Latest Skincare Obsession

Sunflower Spa Injectables and Medical Aesthetics is a HydraFacial® Black Diamond-level
provider! If you are looking for instant and long-lasting results, our HydraFacial® treatments can be tailored
to safely and effectively address your unique needs. This treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and
hydrates the skin utilizing super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for plump and
beautiful skin.
  • HydraFacial MD®️️️ (80 minutes) – $395

    The most medical HydraFacial®️️️ offered, this treatment begins with a full dermaplaning, with the
    added benefit of enhanced exfoliation and a peptide booster serum exclusive to the MD to address
    various skin concerns. The treatment is completed with LED light therapy to increase product
    absorption and boost your results.

  • Deluxe HydraFacial®️️️ (50 minutes) – $275
    The perfect HydraFacial®️️️ for most all skin types to exfoliate, plump, and promote a healthy
    complexion. As with all of our HydraFacial®️️️ treatments, this includes an exfoliation, mild peel,
    extractions, and an antioxidant-rich skin infusion to instantly plump and hydrate. Choose between a
    booster serum or a neck & décolleté treatment.
  • Express HydraFacial®️️️ (30 minutes) – $199
    The introductory HydraFacial®️️️. A non-invasive treatment that provides instant results for all
    skin types with no downtime. The treatment that removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities
    while simultaneously delivering the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums.


  • Neck & Décolleté – 20 min. – $199/$99
    Perfect for those clients who are missing the full HydraFacial that
    included neck & décolleté.
  • Stomach Treatment – 30 min. – $299/$199
    Intended to address skin laxity and wrinkles in the stomach area by adding deep hydration and
    encouraging collagen and elastin production.
  • Back Treatment – 30 min. – $299/$199
    Intended to treat blemishes on the back and nourish the skin while helping to stimulate firming
    collagen and elastin.
  • Booty Treatment – 30 min. – $299/$199
    Intended to treat blemishes on the buttocks and nourish the skin while helping to stimulate firming
    collagen and elastin.
  • Arms Treatment – 30 min. – $299/$199
    Deeply exfoliates the arms and hands while saturating with hydration.
  • Hands Treatment – 10 min. – $59/$49
    Intended to address the signs of aging and discoloration on the hands while hydrating and softening
  • Half Legs Treatment – 30 min. – $199/$149
    Deeply exfoliates the legs while saturating with hydration.
  • Full Legs Treatment – 50 min. – $299/199
    Deeply exfoliates the legs while saturating with hydration.

HydraFacial® Booster Treatments (Add-Ons)

Looking to get more out of your HydraFacial? Our HydraFacial® booster treatments are
tailored to your specific skin needs, with super serums to address specific skin concerns.
  • HydraFacial® Restore – $220
    This booster mimics growth factors to promote wound healing and cellular repair.It also stimulates
    collagen production, while minimizing its breakdown for more youthful, firmer skin
  • HydraFacial® Firm (formerly Dermabuilder) – $85
    Invigorate and enhance your skin’s elasticity with this booster that helps smooth the appearance of
    fine lines and wrinkles with greater structure.
  • HydroPeptide Power Serum Booster – $85
    Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving firmness and volume with this
    booster that’s formulated to treat aging concerns like frown, smile, and forehead lines.
  • Murad® Retinol – $85
    Invigorate your skin with retinol that accelerates skin’s surface renewal and instantly plumps to
    minimize the look of wrinkles, create even tone, and boost youthful radiance—all while being gentle
    on the skin.
  • Nassif MD Hydraglucan Intense Hydration – $85
    This plumping and soothing booster hydrates and provides anti-aging benefits with its blend of
    natural humectants that improve skin strength and recovery
  • ZO Rozatrol – $85
    Detoxify your skin with Rozatrol, which helps relieve the visible signs of red, sensitized skin
    while replenishing hydration and supporting skin strength to prevent further irritation.
  • Murad® Clarifying Booster – $85
    Instantly relieve skin congestion with this blend of glycolic and salicylic acids. The Clarifying
    booster diminishes the appearance of blemishes and acne scars, while soothing and smoothing skin for
    refined texture and fresher skin.
  • HydraFacial® Brighten (formerly Britenol) – $85
    Minimize the appearance of dark spots and sunspots for brightened and balanced skin tone that looks
    youthfully even.
  • Murad® Vita-C – $85
    Using antioxidants for fresh-faced beauty, this booster accelerates skin’s surface level renewal to
    brighten and soothe, while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and tough-to-tackle
  • ZO Brightalive – $85
    This unique booster contains a blend of skin brighteners and glycerin to reduce the appearance of
    brown spots and even your skin tone, while improving cell growth, skin strength,and hydration to
    replenish the skin!
  • Epicutis Neck and Décolleté Booster – $85
    Discover maximum hydration with this booster that promotes skin firmness and repair while addressing
    potential visible effects from blue light, for areas that often bear the brunt of cellular damage.

Sculpt with Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic therapy helps remove impurities from the skin to lift and contour while reducing the appearance of puffiness.
  • Facial Lymphatic:
    Stand Alone: – $120
    HydraFacial add on: – $75
  • Abdomen:
    Stand Alone: – $75
    HydraFacial add on: – $50
  • Back:
    Stand Alone: – $75
    HydraFacial add on: – $50
  • Arms:
    Stand Alone: – $65
    HydraFacial add on: – $40
  • Legs:
    Stand Alone: – $65
    HydraFacial add on: – $40

Spa Facial

Spa Facials at Sunflower Spa

Our Latest Skincare ObsessionOur facials address a variety of skin concerns such as
premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone, and radiance. We use nature-sourced
ingredients, so let the aromas treat your senses as the natural ingredients impart health, nourishment, and
beauty to your skin.
  • Classic Facial – 50 min. – $120
    An excellent place to begin for facial-first-timers, this facial introduces your skin to our organic skincare line with a gentle exfoliating treatment, a masque tailored to your skin type, a hand and arm massage, a shoulder massage, and hand-picked products. A perfect introductory facial for our male clients, too!
  • Men’s Facial – 50 min. – $120
    A no-nonsense facial to relieve irritation from shaving, this service hydrates, provides anti-aging benefits and soothes the skin for a healthy, sturdy look.
  • Golden Glow Facial – 80 min. – $195
    Indulge your skin in our most decadent facial where you’ll experience an individualized exfoliation treatment, lip and eye care, a firming collagen masque, hand and arm massage, and a depuffing facial massage that utilizes cooling ice globes. As with all of our facials, your experienced esthetician will hand pick organic and medical-grade products that are specific to your skin type and concerns throughout your entire facial experience.
  • Teen Facial – 30 min. – $103
    Perfect for problem teen skin, this facial is extraction focused to help decongest and promote skin clarity. Your esthetician will prep your skin with a cleanse and exfoliation treatment to loosen dead skin and excess oil, and a masque and hand massage after extractions to help soothe and jumpstart the healing process.
  • Clarity Facial – 60 min. – $145
    Improve spots and blemishes with this professional treatment that incorporates beneficial botanicals and actives that help to decongest, calm, and balance your problem skin. Light extractions are included in your facial, with an optional extractions add-on suitable for more congested skin. Relax with a hand and arm massage, shoulder massage, and individualized products chosen by your skincare professional to help promote clarity post-facial.
  • Back Facial – 30 min. – $75
    Give your back some much-needed love with this quick back treatment that is perfect for those who have dry skin or blemishes. Starting off with dry brushing, your esthetician will then cleanse the area and use a gentle exfoliant to prep the skin for extractions. As with all of our facials, your esthetician will hand select finishing products that are appropriate for your skin concerns.
  • Ageless Facial – 60 min. – $145
    Address signs of skin aging with this organic facial that floods your skin with brightening and collagen stimulating products for smoother, plumper and a more even-looking complexion. Unwind with an included hand and arm massage, shoulder massage, and a facial massage that helps to increase blood flow and depuff. Finish with hand-picked products by your esthetic professional that are tailored to meet your individual concerns.
  • Summertime Organic Seasonal Facial – Strawberry Rhubarb Facial – 50 min. – $120
    This ever-evolving facial incorporates specialized products from Eminence Organic Skincare that reflect the current season or common skin conditions experienced during the current season. For summer, we’re excited to bring back the Strawberry Rhubarb Facial! The perfect summertime pick me up for your skin which is great for enhancing hydration and brightness to give you that gorgeous glow!

VI Peel

VI Peel® at Sunflower Spa: A Peel for Everyone

Our Latest Skincare ObsessionOur facials address a variety of skin concerns such as
premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone, and radiance. We use nature-sourced
ingredients, so let the aromas treat your senses as the natural ingredients impart health, nourishment, and
beauty to your skin.
  • VI Peel® Purify with Precision Plus – $345
    Formulated to treat acne scars and skin damage, this peel smooths skin texture, helps repair acne
    scars, and brightens dark areas left after an acne scar has healed, all while soothing inflammation
    and redness.

  • VI Peel® with Precision Plus – $345
    Specifically formulated for pigmented skin, this peel reduces the appearance of age spots, brightens
    even the most stubborn areas of discoloration, and smooths rough skin texture.

Dermaplaning & LED Light Therapy

Dermaplaning & LED Light Therapy at Sunflower Spa

Keep your skin looking smooth, fresh, and youthful with our dermaplaning and LED light
therapy services. Dermaplaning encourages skin regrowth, while LED light therapy works deeper within the layers
of your skin for an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Dermaplaning – 40 min. – $100
    Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that uses a surgical-grade scalpel, removing the top layer of skin, and vellus facial hair, revealing smoother skin, increased product absorption, and effortless makeup application. Perfect before a wedding or big event!
  • LED Light Therapy – 30 min. – $65
    A non-ablative, non-invasive, and painless treatment with absolutely no downtime. We use gentle LightEmitting Diodes (LEDs) to activate your cells and improve the appearance of aging,sun-damaged, and acne-prone skin. Safe for all skin types and ages, this promotes deep skin healing.

Facial Enhancements

Facial Enhancements at Sunflower Spa: Further Customization for Your Skin

Our selection of facial enhancements can be added on to your treatment for a fully customized experience. Our targeted facial enhancement additions are perfect for when you want all-over rejuvenation.
  • Back Facial – $61
    Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by extractions, if needed, and a refreshing masque treatment. We finish with steam and a light massage—perfect for backless dress party prep and sunny bathing suit season.
  • Décolleté Treatment – $50
    Firming, nourishing treatment for the fragile skin of the décolleté. A must have for those low-cut dresses!
  • Dermaplaning – $100
    “Refinish” the skin’s top layers through a method of controlled surgical scraping, giving the skin a smoother appearance along with painless hair removal.
  • Eye Bright – $27355
    Make your eyes pop with this treatment that reduces fine lines and puffiness to re-energize and brighten the delicate eye area.
  • HydraFacial® Spot Treatment – $60
    Add painless extractions to any facial, utilizing the unique HydraFacial® vortex suction, plus the power of a glycolic and salicylic acid serum, to knock out congestion and zap spots.
  • LED Light Therapy – $54
    A non-ablative, non-invasive, painless treatment with absolutely no downtime. We utilize gentle LightEmitting Diodes (LEDs) to improve the appearance of aging, sun-damaged, and acne-prone skin. Safe for all skin types and ages.
  • Lip Plump – $35
    Achieve visibly fuller lips and healthy shine with our lip exfoliation, deep hydration, and lip plumping treatment.
  • Smooth Arms – $35
    Softens and visibly reduces bumps and redness on the back of the arms using microdermabrasion and hydrating treatments.
  • Gel Peel – $70
    A peel more suited for oily skin types, this treatment renews your skin with gentle exfoliation to reveal radiance underneath.

Lashes & Brows

Lashes & Brows at Sunflower Spa: Seductive, Sensual Eyes Without Makeup

Achieve larger, fuller lashes and brows without depending on makeup! Save time and energy with our selection of lash extensions, touch-ups, and brow treatments.
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions – $250
    Add length, thickness, and fullness to your natural lashes. Single synthetic strands are applied one-by-one to your individual eyelashes with safe,surgical-grade adhesive, giving them a natural look and feel. Routine touch-ups every two to four weeks can maintain these amazing eyelashes indefinitely!
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions (Two Week Fill) – $85
    A refill of the lashes that shed two weeks after your initial application or full set.
  • Classic Eyelash Extensions (Three Week Fill) – $110
    A refill of the lashes that shed three weeks after your initial application or full set.
  • Hybrid Lash Extension(Full Set) – $275
  • Hybrid Lash Extension(Two week fill) – $110
  • Hybrid Lash Extension (Three Week Fill) – $140
  • Mega Volume Lash Extension(Full Set) – $425
  • Mega Volume Lash Extension(Two week fill) – $135
  • Mega Volume Lash Extension(Three week fill) – $165
  • Brow or Lash Tint – $35
    Darken your lashes or brows for a persistently defined look that doesn’t wash off.
  • Lash Lift – $85
    A perm for your eyelashes that lets you ditch your eye lash curler, for an effortless doe-eyed look.
  • Brow Lamination – $85
    Tame unruly brows and enjoy the effects of brow lamination, the perm for your eyebrows that gives you freedom from brow gel.
  • Volume Lash Extension(Full Set) – $360
  • Volume Lash Extension(Two week fill) – $125
  • Volume Lash Extension(Three week fill) – $150


Waxing at Sunflower Spa: Long-Lasting Facial Hair Removal

Our waxing treatments efficiently manage facial hair with long-lasting results: they weaken the hair follicle over time so you can space out appointments for effortless maintenance.
  • Lip or Chin – $25
    Pesky lip and chin hairs are effectively removed for lasting smooth skin.
  • Nostrils – $25
    Just because the hair isn’t sticking out doesn’t meanit isn’t noticeable—or that we can’t remove it!
  • Brow Clean-up – $34
    Fast removal of the most difficult hairs creates a crisp, clean shape.
  • Sides of Face – $25
    Keep your hairline and sideburns in check with hair removal that lasts and stubble-free regrowth.
  • Brow, Lips, & Chin – $68
    Combine waxes for an all-together revamp!


Vit C + Immunity Boost - $35/each

Increases Antioxidants, Helps Manage Blood Pressure, Aids in Iron Levels, Encourages White Cell Production, Improved Skin, Reduces Oxidative Stress

B-12 + Metabolism Boost - $35/each

Increases Energy, Increased Fat Metabolism, Maintains Seratonin Levels, Decreases Body-Fat Storages, Improved Mood, Helps Prevent Mineral Deficiency

B-12 + Energy Boost - $35/each

Increases Energy, Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels, Improves Lean Muscle, Increases Protein Synthesis, Improves Endurance, Increases Recovery

Massage Menu & Pricing

Our massage therapists take the time to customize each of our massage experiences. We incorporate techniques designed to relax deeper muscles and address stress and tension held in specific areas such as the back, shoulders, and legs. Each of our therapists has received training in deep tissue and clinical modalities, and can provide a variety of advanced techniques to alleviate specific conditions.

Ashiatsu – 50 / 80 min. - $130/$180

The ultimate deep massage to release sore, tight muscles. The therapist provides deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight, with overhead bars used for balance and client safety.

Motherhood – 50 / 80 min. - $130/$180

Pre-and post-pregnancy massages relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and relieve swelling in the limbs. Offers new mothers and expecting mothers a soothing, relaxing escape. Please note that you must be past the first trimester for this service.

Relax & Restore – 50 / 80 min. - $120/$170

Indulgent and relaxing, our full-body massage stimulates circulation and soothes tight muscles. This relaxing escape is the perfect treatment for renewal and rejuvenation.

Focal Point – 30 min. - $90

In this streamlined 30-minute session, you and your therapist will determine a specific area of discomfort to address tension and leave you feeling fully renewed.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping delivers a reverse type of massage since it pulls the muscle and skin up. Cupping may be beneficial to your health and wellness regimen if you feel like you are at a standstill with your pain management. Flexible silicone (called Baguanfa cups) create suction that allows the therapist to control how much suction is applied to an area. The cups can either stay in place or the therapist can gently glide the cup around mimicking massage motions. Our cupping services include:

  • Back, Neck, & Shoulders -50 min. – $130
  • Glutes, Hips, Thighs, & Calves -50 min. – $130
  • Full Body Integrated Cupping Massage – Full Body -80 min. – $180

Deep Therapy – 50 / 80 min. - $130/$180

In this therapeutic massage the therapist applies slow, firm pressure to release muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia while incorporating the benefits of the doTerra Deep Blue essential oil when applied topically provides a cooling sensation to soothe muscles and deeply relax the body after strenuous activity.

Hot Stone Massage – 50 / 80 min. - $130/$180

Indulge in pure bliss and unwind with our incredible Hot Stone Massage, now enhanced with the healing power of ELO stones. Our skilled therapists will expertly place warm, smooth stones along your body’s areas of tension, melting away muscle fatigue and promoting deep relaxation. The soothing heat combined with the positive energy emitted by ELO stones will leave you feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and completely refreshed. Treat yourself to this luxurious experience and discover the perfect harmony between mind, body, and soul.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Enhance Your Massage (Add Ons)

Customize your massage experience with any of these targeted additions. Available with any massage appointment, with no extra time needed unless otherwise specified.

Foot & Hand Focus - $35

Give your hardworking hands and feet a break with a thoroughly invigorating massage for targeted relief.

Scalp Massage - $35

Improve circulation and give your scalp some TLC to improve its health and hair growth.

Shoulder & Neck Focus - $35

Find upper body relief through a targeted massage that’ll have you saying goodbye to tech-neck!

Nourishing Scalp Treatment & Massage – 20 min. - $60

Elevate your scalp massage with a customized blend of doTerra® essential oils including rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, geranium, and lavender oils. Gently poured and massaged into the scalp, this is a deeply relaxing experience that will leave hair and scalp soothed and enriched. Must be in conjunction with any massage or body treatment.

Elevated Experience - $25

Elevate your next massage with CBD massage cream and CBD-infused chocolate. CBD brings relaxing, restorative, and pain-relieving properties to help you accelerate muscle recovery and perform at your peak.

Available with any massage appointment, with no extra time needed (unless specified). All prices are subject to change without notice.

Body Treatments Service Menu & Pricing

Pamper your entire body with a luxurious body treatment to rejuvenate and restore your body and mind. Our treatments include a body exfoliation, a Swiss shower, and, of course, a deep massage for all-over relaxation.

Revitalizing Stone Crop Body Treatment – 90 min. - $225

This invigorating full body treatment uses Eminence Organic Skincare®’s Stone Crop masque to detoxify your skin. We begin with dry brushing to improve blood circulation and exfoliate the skin. After rinsing off, we apply our restorative gel masque made with stone crop, aloe, and powerful actives to hydrate, rejuvenate, and brighten your skin. Following another rinse, we’ll finish with a gentle massage application of contouring cream designed to smooth and firm the skin.

Lush Hydrating Body Treatment – 80 min. - $225

Renew body and mind with this deeply hydrating and luxurious body treatment.Select a scentfrom our SPARITUAL line: Earl Grey, Jasmine Tuberose, or Geranium Cedarwood.From there, we’ll apply an all-over velvety sugar scrub. After rinsing off, we provide full body wrap with a silky mud masque for deep detoxification and lasting hydration. Finally, we gently massage in luxe body crème for continuous hydration, protection against environmental stress, and improved skin elasticity.

Targeted Cellulite Treatment – 30 min. - $80

A regenerating and toning body wrap to increase the appearance of skin elasticity on your buttocks, stomach, or upper thighs. We begin by dry brushing the targeted area. Eminence Organic Skincare® paprika and nettle leaf masque is applied to help stimulate and energize your skin for a healthy glow. Finish by removing the masque with warm towels, and massage in firming Stone Crop Contouring Cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Polish icon

Polish Nail Spa Pricing

We offer the best in natural nail care at our nail spa, Polish. Bring a friend or date and enjoy meticulous techniques in a comfortable setting. Our nail technicians will pamper you with sumptuous products. We offer quick-drying polish, or for longer lasting results our Shellac ™manicure is as tough as nails.


Blossom Manicure – 30 min. - $40

Essential care for natural nails featuring an express manicure, perfect for event prep.

Bloom Manicure – 40 min. - $50

Our signature manicure features a sugar scrub, hydrating masque, and plenty of massages. Choose from an array of fast-drying Vinylux® varnishes.

Shellac™ Manicure – 50 min. - $65

For those seeking beautiful nails that last up to 14 days without chips! Product soak-off is required, with the service being suitable for new applications or maintenance.

Hard Gel Manicure - $90

The strongest product and allows your technician to enhance the strength of your nail while also serving to repair a broken nail. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear while providing a protective barrier for the natural nail for up to 4 weeks.

Soak-Off With Manicure – 50 min. - $56

The world-class standard in removing nail color without damaging your nails.

Shellac™ Nail Repair - $30

Keep your nails in tip-top shape with careful repairs.

Shape & Polish Manicure – 20 min. - $35

Reserved for our regular guests requiring a quick touch-up, we trim, shape, and polish nails to keep them groomed. Also available for children between the ages of five and 10.

Hybrid Gel Manicure - $90

A perfect blend of hard gel base coat to provide strength plus the color array of Shellac gel polish. This manicure provides a protective barrier for the natural nail that withstands everyday wear and tear for up to 3 weeks.


Blossom Pedicure – 50 min. - $70

Our efficient pedicure with a soak, smoothing scrub, and massage gets your feet in good shape. Full nail grooming and polish application included.

Bloom Pedicure – 60 min. - $85

Our signature pedicure includes a foot soak, sugar scrub, hydrating masque, and lots of relieving massage for your feet and legs. Full nail grooming and polish application included.

Shape & Polish Pedicure – 30 min. - $60

Reserved for regular guests in need of a quick touch-up, we trim, shape, and polish your nails. Also available for children between the ages of five and 10.

Hot Stone Pedicure – 60 min. - $95

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Hot Stone Pedicure, featuring the power of ELO stones. Our expert technicians will pamper your feet with a luxurious foot soak, followed by a gentle exfoliation and massage. The real magic begins with the utilization of heated ELO stones on your lower legs and feet, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shellac Pedicure – 50 min. - $85

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our Shellac™️️ Pedicure!

This innovative treatment combines the durability of Shellac with a relaxing pedicure, ensuring that your polish stays vibrant and super-shiny for weeks to come. Whether you go to the beach or pool, go hiking or skiing, stay home or go the gym, you’ll have no chips or smudges just flawless, long-lasting fabulous color. With our Shellac™️️ Pedicure, you never have to fear slipping your socks and shoes back on right away – you’re dry and ready to go!

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Enhance Your Nail Treatment (Add-Ons)

Targeted additions help you further customize your nail care treatment.

French Polish - $13

Elevate your nail game with our classic French Polish collection! Dive into a world of elegant pinks and pristine whites or even the color of your choice to craft your flawless French manicure.

Butter-Melt Treatment (Hands or Feet) - $25

Experience deep hydration thanks to this magical blend of natural butters and essential oils! It’s like a spa day for your hands or feet. So, kick off your shoes, kick back, and let us take your pedicure to the next level. Trust us, your feet will thank you later.

Product Removal - Pricing varies by product (range)

It’s okay to take a break! Weather it’s shellac, acrylic or dip, we provide techniques and safety tools to remove your products to ensure the integrity of your nails. Follow it up with any manicure service to boost your nail confidence.

Callus Buster Foot Treatment - $25

Are your feet in need of some extra attention before sandal season kicks in? Leave behind rough, cracked heels and welcome silky smooth, renewed feet. Get ready to strut your stuff with confidence and comfort.

Nail Art - Pricing varies by complexity $15 to $40

Welcome to the vibrant world of nail art! Get ready to turn heads and express your unique style with a statement manicure. Embrace the modern trend that is sure to elevate your look and add a pop of fun to your nails. Our talented nail artists are here to create a masterpiece on your fingers or toes, from just a light edge to a detailed design, or even to turn your nails into a work of art.

Nail Repair - Pricing varies by product (range)

Oh no! Did you break a nail? Do you have a chip? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our nail repair services will have your nails looking fabulous in no time.

Why can I not find Medi spa pricing?

Our Medi Spa services are customized and tailored to fit your needs. You will share your goals and results you are hoping to achieve with your initial in-depth consultation to ensure Sunflower Spa can provide the best recommendations for you. From there pricing will vary based on number of units or syringed of neurotoxin or dermal fillers needed to meet your goals and the outcome of your customized treatment plan. For more questions on Medi Spa pricing call or text us and our staff will get in touch with you!

How can I save on standard pricing for Sunflower's services?

We are happy to be able to provide additional ways to save with multiple specials on our services each month to allow you to treat yourself without breaking the bank! Check out our monthly promotions, join our rewards program to earn points to be redeemed on future purchases, or learn more about our membership program to save on your favorite treatments overtime!

What do the two different Hydrabody prices entail?

The first price listed under the Hydrabody section is the stand alone price for any of our HydraBody treatments. The second pricing structure is when these treatments are added onto a full face HydraFacial service.

How Do I Request an Appointment Online?

For your convenience, we offer an easy way to request your appointment online from anywhere and at any time! You can browse our service offerings, select your desired staff member, and request your appointment from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your request will be reviewed by us, and we will get back to as soon as possible with a confirmation of your appointment. Online requests for same-day appointments are available 2+ hours before the desired appointment time. Please note that appointments are not set until you receive a confirmation from us.

What Amenities Do You Offer?

Our spa is warm and inviting with a cozy relaxation area and well-stocked changing rooms to make sure you’re comfortable. A plush robe and spa sandals are provided for each client who receives spa services such as massage, body treatments, and facials. We provide refreshments for all our guests, including a variety of teas, fruited water and/or a glass of wine for you to enjoy before, during, or after your services.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

Guests canceling less than 24 hours in advance will be charged 50% of the scheduled service regardless of the reason for canceling. We realize spontaneous changes in plans (and illness) do occur; we appreciate your understanding in providing partial compensation for our top-notch staff who rely on a busy schedule for a rewarding career. This policy helps us retain great employees. When making a reservation, we ask that you provide a credit card number for verification.

What Should I Do with My Jewelry?

While we would recommend you remove any jewelry prior to visiting the spa, we know that’s not always possible. The organza pouch provided in each locker can hold your valuables, including your jewelry, while you are here. If you are comfortable leaving them in your locker, please do so. Otherwise, you may take them to the treatment room with you. If so, please be sure to take them with you again when leaving the treatment room.

What Should I Wear?

In general, we recommend wearing comfortable and breathable clothing to make the most of your services. While body massages and treatments are best enjoyed without the constraint of clothing, we do respect your privacy by using sheets and large towels to cover parts of the body that we are not working on. Our therapists are skilled in correct draping procedures to ensure your complete comfort at all times. However, if you wish to wear undergarments, you are free to do so.

Are Children Allowed at the Spa?

To ensure the most rejuvenating experience for all our guests, we ask that you leave your children at home. Children ages five and up are welcome in the spa provided they are having treatments and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What Time Should I Arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment time so we may begin your service at the scheduled time. Arriving late may deprive you of precious service time, as your appointment time will still end as scheduled out of courtesy to the next guest.

Do You Have Shower Facilities?

We have men’s and women’s locker rooms with private showers. All guests receiving either massage, facials, or body treatments are welcome to take a warm shower before or after your treatment. If you would like to shower first, please arrive early to allow time for you to clean off and relax.

What is Expected of Me During My Treatment?

This is your time, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. If you would like to change the temperature of the room, the pressure of the massage, or the volume of the music, just tell your therapist. We want you to make the most of your treatment and relax during your time with us!

Is It Customary to Leave a Gratuity?

If you are satisfied with your service, it is customary in the spa industry to leave a 15-20% gratuity for your technician. Tips are always appreciated and are not included in our service prices.

Do you offer a rewards program?

We have set-up our Rewards Program to reward YOU: our most loyal customers. You’ll earn points for every purchase you make including services, products and even gift cards. Our system automatically tracks your purchases and earned rewards, and once you have earned $25, you may redeem them for discounts on future spa services from Sunflower Spa Injectables and Medical Aesthetics.

How Do You Earn/Redeem Points?
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the spa. For every 1,000 points accumulated, you earn $25 in rewards. Once you’ve earned $25 in rewards, you may redeem them for products or services at the time of checkout.

Do You Offer a Spa Membership Program?

Yes, learn more about our spa membership programs that offer unique benefits. We offer two options: SPA or VIP.

Do You Sell Gift Certificates Online or By Phone?

Yes! You can purchase a gift card online, by phone, or at the spa.