Come learn more about Ultherapy® — a natural, non-invasive solution for aging and sagging skin!

As time goes on, gravity starts to take its toll on your muscles and skin. This is perfectly normal and happens to everyone — but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! We’re proud to use Ultherapy®, which triggers your body’s natural processes to lift your skin and give you smoother, more youthful features. With no downtime to speak of, it’s as easy as it is effective.

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What Is Ultherapy® Treatment?

Over the years, your skin will begin to sag or droop. This is partly due to the natural effects of gravity over time, but also due to a decrease in collagen production. Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein that keeps your skin full and flexible, and as you age, your body stops producing as much of it.

Ultherapy® uses ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen production deep within your tissue to the areas it will most benefit you, creating a natural lifting effect under your skin around the neck, chin, brow, and upper chest. This means fewer lines and wrinkles and more of your natural beauty. It’s the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive alternative to a traditional facelift, and the increased collagen can maintain your younger look for years to come.

How Our Ultherapy®
Can Benefit You

Ultherapy® offers a non-invasive and natural solution to aging and sagging skin. By increasing collagen production from deep within your tissues, you will naturally experience lift and tightening for fuller, more flexible, and revitalized skin.

One of this procedure’s greatest benefits is that it can work in a number of areas across the body, but it’s most popular around the delicate and public skin around the face, neck, and chest. These are the parts of your body that are exposed the most, and Ultherapy® can help you present the best version of yourself everywhere from the beach to your bathroom mirror.

    Am I a Candidate for Ultherapy® Treatment?

    Virtually anyone can receive Ultherapy® that’s looking for a lifting effect that will last — it’s just as valuable for people in their 30s or older as for those who want to stay ahead of their skin’s natural aging. For most people, the only bar they have to pass to get Ultherapy® is to have a certain skin laxity.

    During your free consultation, our aesthetic experts will get a better understanding of your skin and how we can use Ultherapy® to help you.

    Ultherapy® Frequently Asked Questions

    We encourage our patients to raise any questions or concerns they may have about our treatments. Below are some of the most common asks we get about Ultherapy®:

    Who is Ultherapy® for?

    Ultherapy® is excellent for anyone seeking a non-invasive treatment that will provide a long-lasting lift in their facial features. We’ve seen people of all ages and skin types have success with Ultherapy®.

    Is there downtime, or are there any side effects?

    There is absolutely no downtime at all; you can resume normal activity as soon as you leave our office. You might look a little flushed or feel some tingling, but it will be minor and disappear in a few hours.

    How many Ultherapy® treatments will I need?

    Most people only need one. Depending on your skin laxity, your doctor might recommend a second appointment, but you’ll go over that possibility during your free consultation.

    When can I expect results?

    Your skin will lift and tighten for several months as collagen is produced, making it a longer-term solution with continuously improving results.

    How long do results last?

    Generally, results will last around two years — rarely less, sometimes more. Practicing good skincare habits will help keep your skin looking fresher for significantly longer as well.

    How does Ultherapy® compare to a facelift?

    Ultherapy® isn’t meant to be a replacement for a facelift, but its non-invasive nature makes it an excellent alternative for those who don’t want surgery.

    How can I learn more about Ultherapy® in Longmont, CO?

    Your first step should be to give us a call and set up your free consultation. We want to take the time to learn about your skin and aesthetic goals: that’s how we provide the perfect solution, whether that’s Ultherapy® or another one of our exceptional rejuvenating treatments.

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    Ultherapy® Treatment for Skin-Tightening in Longmont, CO

    Ultherapy® is one of the most popular treatments at Sunflower Spa, and when you trust yours to us, we’ll make sure it’s tailored to you. We pride ourselves on our attentiveness: we’re deliberate in how we provide our aesthetic services to each individual, and work to ensure that you have a comfortable experience and exceptional outcomes with our professionals.

    We understand better than anyone that your skin is what makes you shine to the world, and we want to help it look its best by providing the right treatments for your unique skin. Schedule your FREE Ultherapy® consultation at Sunflower Spa today!

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