your spa visit

relaxed pace

Let yourself be enveloped in the relaxing music, the soft light, and the fragrance of oil scent diffusers that fill the peaceful atmosphere of the spa. If time allows, you may have the chance to take a warm shower before your treatment to wash away your stress.

Before beginning your treatment, take deep breaths and imagine a wave of relaxation that begins with your face and slowly moves down you body to the tips of your toes. During treatment, leave yourself open to the warmth of your therapist’s human touch.

Note: Arriving late may deprive you of precious treatment time as your appointment will end at the originally scheduled time as a courtesy to the next guest.


Our spa is warm and inviting. Our cozy relaxation area and well-stocked changing rooms provide for a comfortable, relaxing visit. A comfortable robe and spa sandals are provided for each client who receives spa services. We provide refreshments for all of our guests. We offer a variety of teas, fruited water and/or a glass of wine for you to enjoy before, during or after your services.


While body massages and treatments are best enjoyed without the constraint of clothing, we do respect your privacy by using sheets and large towels to cover parts of the body that we are not working on. Our therapists are skilled in correct draping procedures to ensure your complete comfort at all times.  However, if you wish to wear undergarments, you are free to do so.

relating to the therapist

This is your time, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. If you would like to change the temperature of the room, the pressure of the massage, or the volume of the music, just tell your therapist.


While we would recommend you remove any jewelry prior to visiting the spa, we know that’s not always possible. The organza pouch provided in each locker can hold your valuables, including your jewelry, while you are here. If you are comfortable leaving them in your locker, please do so. Otherwise, you may take them to the treatment room with you. If so, please be sure to take them with you again when leaving the treatment room. We are dedicated to just one thing—making sure that you have best experience possible.