Community Support and Philanthropy

We are pleased to do our part to support our community and assist your organization’s programs. However, requests have become so numerous that we must fairly distribute our support to as many organizations as possible and ask that you complete this form. If a donation is granted, Sunflower Spa is authorized to use your organization’s name as a donation recipient in any of our marketing or advertising.

Please fill out this form at least seven days prior to the event date to give us time to process your request. Thank you and best of luck with your event!

All items marked with an * are required to submit the form.

Organization Information

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  2. mailing address*
  3. website
  4. type of organization* 501(c)3 charityeducation or community
  5. tax Id# (if applicable)
  6. what is the purpose of your organization?*
  7. have you received a donation from us in the past? yesno

Requesting Individual's Information

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Donation Information

  1. donation requested and how will it be utilized?*
  2. event date
  3. date donation needed
  4. will specific mention be made of our support? yesno